Album: Jeremy Zucker - Crusher

Album: Jeremy Zucker – Crusher

September 30, 2021 OJ 0

Chances are, your first experience with a Jeremy Zucker song starts easy: A mellow tune found in a carefully curated “chill out” playlist, likely along […]

Album: Poppy - Flux

Album: Poppy – Flux

September 24, 2021 OJ 0

In 2020’s I Disagree, perpetual shapeshifter Poppy found catharsis within her “post-genre” chaos, utilizing whiplash transitions from djent-y metal to candy-coated electro-pop to many places […]

Album: SEBii - VVRED

Album: SEBii – VVRED

September 23, 2021 OJ 0

Sebii is a Chinese-American artist and producer born and raised in Shanghai, China. Sebii’s sound can most easily be described as upbeat pop rap, fitting into the […]


Album: ZillaKami – DOGBOY

September 16, 2021 OJ 0

DOGBOY is the highly anticipated debut mixtape from New York hardcore hip-hop artist ZillaKami. Its rollout consisted of four singles “CHAINS,” “BADASS” with Lil Uzi […]